Connect is a small group for high school students with the mission to “Connect with God, Connect with Each Other and Connect with the Pastor.”  The primary focus of this group is to know God.  We are going to seek God in prayer, Bible study, discussion and worship.  The secondary focus of this group is to know each other.  I would like for us to really grow in honest, redeemed and real relationship with on another.  In other words not just friendship but Christian fellowship.  This will also be a time that you get to know me (Pastor Sean), and also me to know you.  In this group it is my desire for us to talk about relevant issues in your lives and see what God says about them in His Word.  So I will be asking for a lot of your input, I want you to think and be honest about what you think.  Speak your mind.  But then we need to be humble enough to then go to the Word of God because His Word is Truth (John 17:17).