October 3, 2022


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The journey from the very first day of college to the end of it, was pretty great! I did things I always wanted to, met a lot of new strangers and saw them turning into friends for life. Got to be a part of this huge college and will always be grateful to the people who actually gave a thought about me and believed in me, said Aditya.

Aditya Trivedi, Chief Editor at Kaliedo

Aditya, a little introvert kinda guy but also the most humble and caring person you’ll come across. The Chief Editor of the most popular college magazine, KALIEDO, loves singing, reading, travelling and riding bike, and also going on random trips. He has completed his graduation last year in 2020 and is also an alumni of the college. He is currently a Software Engineer at Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI), Pune. He was also appointed as the Tectonic Head in the year 2018.

Q. Could you please introduce yourself to our fellow readers?

Hi! This is Aditya Trivedi. I belong to a family of 4 in Bihar. Completed by higher education from Bihar itself. So starting along with my college journey, I got into Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Pune in the department of Electronics and Telecommunications (E&TC) . As I always was eager to get practical knowledge in electronics. Talking about my family, my father is a Businessman and mother a Housewife. They both are the main pillars of my strength as they always have been very supportive towards me and my career. For graduation I wanted to go out of the city and explore all my options, in which my family has always supported me. I never will be able to thank them enough for giving me a life so good. My elder sister, also an Engineer, the bond we have with each other can never be put into words. Apart from all the scoldings I get from her, she always has my back.

Q. How was the very first year of your college?

My first year was quite good as we had all the combined subjects related to all the core branches, to let students know there department of interest before second year. I was good in electronics and hence went ahead with E & TC branch.

Q. How was the experience after being a part of SSC?

During the first year of my college I got to know about a student’s council of the campus known as Sinhgad Student Council (SSC). When I was in my second year, STES had completed it’s 25 years of academic excellence, for which every college and branch was asked to choose a department head and organize all the stuff required for it’s preparations. I was chosen by our H.O.D Dr. S.K. Jagtap Ma’am as department head for SKN EnTC. Me and my team managed to organize a great event for all the students and teachers. I joined SSC right away and was made department head in SSC induction for freshers as well. After I got into SSC, I made a lot of new connections. I’ve always wanted to be the person, to whom people can come up to anytime for any kind of help. Be it official work from college, or hostel disputes.

Q. When & how were you positioned as the Chief Editor of our college magazine, Kaliedo?

Due to my diverse knowledge and interest in the field of extra curricular activities I was observed by our esteemed Prof. Sagar Bhilare (College Magazone Head). I was further interviewed by him and thus was appointed as the Chief Editor of the College Magazine.

Q. Any funny incident or shenanigans from college days, you would like to share with us?

Yes.. yes… why not! Some might find it funny, some disturbing! One such incident occurred, it was around 2.30 am in morning and when one of my friend’s booked us a zoom car for a trip and we all decided to give a test drive. Everything went good until we reached the campus. One of my roommate was keen to drive it too despite of not knowing how to drive. Hence, for my survival…I got out of the car and he started to drive the car in such a high speed that it crashed down the stairs in front of the college. Later, all the guards came up running. The car was obvioulsy badly damaged. Hopefully, no one was injured, we were asked to submit our names for further action to be taken but nothing as such happened. I got all the things managed up before morning. I must say, a long night it was!

Q. Your favorite spots in and around the campus?

Favorite spot in campus will surely be the stairs near the Dental college, the view from there is mesmerizing. Also spring dale ground, CC, Lipton cafe “the adda of all boys” ,i.e., Chai Sutta Bar and many more. I have different memories in every spot in the campus can’t name all in one! Staying with my boys in the hostel will always be my favorite! Hostel life does shower you with really good friends! I’ve no such favorite joint for eateries because i’m not such a foodie but surely have visited most of them for once. But, nothing can beat the hot pipping chai from Amul and the lime juice from fruit centre.

Q. How would you map the 4 glorious years of your college life in one single word?

My answer is in your question only;) . Yes, my 4 years of college life were anything but glorious! I’ve no words to express. Just memories. Truly grateful to be a part of this beautiful journey.

Q. Anything you would like to confess about?

Well, there were some more months to be spent in the campus which got ruined due to covid, now I am still waiting for everything to be normal so that I can visit the campus once again and relish those beautiful memories. I know it will not be the same anymore but if given a chance I would love to live my campus life again. For juniors, I would like to say that, when everything gets normal, run back to the campus, spend your time and live it to the fullest, do all those crazy things you always wanted to because you’ll never know how soon that time might come to an end and trust me you will surely miss these days late in your life!

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This interview was taken by Nia Gajbhiye of SKNCOE, for ZeroGravity and edited by Ishwar Sarade, Chief Editor of ZeroGravity.

The flyer was designed by Navin Bhagat, of SKNCOE for ZeroGravity.