October 3, 2022


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Students of Smt. Kashibai Navale Engineering (SKNCOE), Pune of National Service Scheme (NSS) came to the rescue of the flood victims. They organized a Flood Relief Donation Drive at campus premises to help the needy. For this, the students conducted a five-day flood relief campaign in Sinhgad campus (Vadgaon), Pune. The students distributed food, water, candles and other essential items at Tal. Poladpur, Dist. Raigad, Pune. The project was launched under the guidance of Dr. A. V. Deshpande, Deputy Principal of SKNCOE, Pune & Dr. K. R. Borle, Program Officer Pvt. S. P. at Pingat, Pune.

“The Token of Happines – Our Collection”

A word from students...

“As we all were aware about the flood situation taken place at Kolhapur and Konkan region, of Maharashtra. The unit of NSS (SKNCOE) had already planned to lend a hand of help to the regions on urgent basis. Our first & foremost duty is help those in need and to provide service to the society without any bias. We as volunteers work to ensure that everyone who is in need and urges help gets our support. On first day of the drive, posters and messages were circulated by us on social media to get more responses for flood disaster relief drive and also collection boxes were kept in college premises for on-field collection of items such as eatables, clothes, masks,etc. So, basically the main focus was on food water and some warm clothes. On the second day, the shops/ general stores in and around the campus of Vadgaon area were approached. After so much of hard-work and dedication, we somehow managed to receive grains, pulses and some food packets from the owners of shopkeepers. Also donations in form of grains and clothes were received from the Sinhgad Technical Education Society’s (STES) staff “.

Flood Donation Relief Drive Overview:

Total Fund ReceivedRs. 15,057
Total No. Of Kits Recieved175
Total Expenses Grocery(Wheat, Rice, Salt, Biscuits):- Rs.7980, Other (Bottles, Bags, Masks, Candles, Matchboxes):-Rs.5485, Travelling:- Rs.1700
Areas of  Distribution:- (All kits were distributed in Tal.  Poladpur, Dist. Raigad)Chambargani bk.- 30 kits, Pethewadi – 12 kits, Adivasi Wadi – 15 kits, Bargewadi – 12 kits, Chabargani ku. – 30 kits, Kotwal Camp – 9 kits, Nive – 25 kits, Tamhane – 25 kits, Taheshil Office Tal.Poladpur, Dist.Raigad – 17 kits.
Total Fund Used Rs. 15,165

Few Glimpses Of The Activity:

Huge the struggle, Huge is the joy

The above news was provided by Revan Bhonde of SKNCOE for ZeroGravity and edited by Nia Gajbhiye, Editor of Zerogravity.

Flyer was designed by Revan Bhonde of SKNCOE for ZeroGravity.