October 3, 2022


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Artnotes- Refining Education

Artnotes logo
Artnotes logo

Awake, arise and educate, smash traditions – liberate

Savitribai Phule

Imagine if schools were intended to indentify the talent of the students and enhance their growth instead of forcing them to follow a common routine, hindering their strengths and creativity.

ARTNOTES is an institute on a mission to redefine age old education system with ART as a medium.

ZEROGRAVITY interviewed SKNCOE pass out students Antara Chowkase and Aditya Bhujbal, the founders of ARTNOTES, to acquaint you with the knowledge about the institute providing endless opportunities to students for exploring their creativity and potential.

Vision behind the institute

Boy and girl standing in white t-shirts
Antara and Aditya (the founders of Artnotes)

When asked Antara Chowkase to brief us about Artnotes, she said, “We aim at empowering students with creative + reasoning skills and also to provide a platform to shape hidden art in everyone”.

Artnotes is an institute that was set in motion on 24th January 2020 with the objective of creating life enhancing experiences through an educational medium involving art, craft and creativity. As Indian education system currently pivots around academic development of the student and considers art as an extracurricular activity, Artnotes operates on a vision to remove that “extra” from this word metaphorically.

Why Artnotes was started?

As we are aware of the fact that in present day education system, early exploration of creativity in students lay very less significance. As a result, art is not growing with the rate as it was growing in the past. This provides lesser opportunities for creative development of students. A solution to this problem is: developing an art institute based on creativity enhancement principles. That is why Artnotes was started.

What type of students does it look for?

Antara Chowkase during the interview said, “Children are like a blank slate as they themselves are not clear about the path they want to choose for life at that tender age”.
She said that young children when come to be a part of their institute, Artnotes explores and decides for their interests after a thorough analysis.
They provide opportunities to all age groups without considering their age, sex, caste, creed.

What does Artnotes provide?

Children holding paintings
First Funshop by Artnotes held on 23rd February

The institute’s structure is in an initial phase. Artnotes has started by introducing a brand new idea of Funshops.
What is a funshop? “Funshops are base of Artnotes”, said Antara Chowkase. She further said that the distinction between a funshop and a workshop is enhancement of creativity and fun while reduction of work and stress.
Funshops are a demo for what is going to be in the institute.

Child in joy leaning to make paintings
Students learning Fine Arts during Funshop

First Funshop by Artnotes was held on 23rd February 2020 for kids between the age of 8 to 15 years(3rd standard to 8th standard students). The skills that were taught to them included basics of literature, fine arts, cooking, music and rhythm. The Funshop was free of competitions and comparisons. Many young aspirants enrolled in this Funshop and learned new creative skills. Artnotes is inclined to conduct further more similar Funshops in future including enhancement of vast number of skills such as development of business skills in children.

Children from the cooking group (Funshop)

Another event that was held after 1st Funshop was “Artistic April”. This event had a theme named “flowers”. Many people from all age groups enrolled. This event was free from all the restrictions of skills. The participants were directed to develop any art by using the theme; be that photography, writing, craft, etc. This event was intended to make the participants think out of the box and intensify creativity. There was no competition, no judging but just featuring.

Following are the few examples of how creative did the participants get in this event:

Art work with nature written on it
Flowers artwork

Amid lockdown, Artnotes conducted an online photography contest based on creativity and a specific theme. Following are a few photos taken by participants.

Dim light photography
Picture containing musical keyboard, camera, world map on a paper and atlas
Picture showing netflix logo, nachos and black coffee

Environment provided for students’ growth

Artnotes faculty members in white t-shirts
Artnotes Faculty

Teacher to faculty ratio in Artnotes is worth applauding. In Funshops, there is 1 faculty member for 2 students which helps to lay special emphasis on them. The detailed report of each student, their activities, comforts is made. A good friendly teacher-student relation is maintained.

Future scope

Artnotes was established on the vision of creativity enhancement more than mere profit and that is the reason it provides opportunities for learning and enhancing new creative skills at a very nominal fees.
The founders of Artnotes said that they are planning to conduct a big Funshop for the underprivileged children with a negligible enrolment fees. They believe that the course they’ll introduce in those Funshops will help those children to generate income for themselves. This will be conducted as soon as complete lockdown ends.

Artnotes is open to collaborations with NGOs to run on a non profitable vision that will help the lower section of the society such as underprivileged children, people working in red light areas, etc.

There is a lot more in Artnotes. click here to explore their instagram page.

Thanks to Antara Chowkase and Aditya Bhujbal. This interview was taken by Dishant Manhas. This article was written by Dishant Manhas.