October 3, 2022


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Whether we realize it or not but open source technology plays a key role in our daily lives. Open-source software is a code that is designed to be publicly accessible- anyone can see, modify and distribute the code as they see fit. Open- source projects enable developers everywhere to collaborate and contribute to a project to improve it.

Open source software has become a part of everyday life. Like, it lies in your pocket, your car, your banks, financial markets. literally everywhere.

Types of Open Source Software:

  • GNU/Linux
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • VLC media player
  • GIMP
  • Apache Web server
  • Blender

Why People Are In Need Of Open Source Software?

  • Security: Open source software is more secured than other closed sources. open source is a big community like Red Hat security response team and many other larger projects (Ex. Mozilla, Apache) have their own security response team that’s improves software security.
  • Flexibility: You have the possibility of using whatever version or build of the software and the hardware you need. you upgrade whenever you feel like it.
  • Freedom: Users can control the software and the changes the software according to own requirements.
  • Quality: The open source platform gives unbeatable and innovative software.


  • Linux is a free, open source operating system, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). it’s also become the largest open source software project in the world.
  • Many public and private clouds, such as Amazon and Google, have an thing in common: Linux is at their technical heart, with open source running in their veins. Linux is present up to the highest performance requirement :99.6% of the supercomputers worldwide and many High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters run with this free system.

Open Source Trends in 2021:

Open source Technology trends 2021 will play a pivotal role in modern computing, particularly in application development and IT infrastructure.

  • Rise Of Kubernetes: Kubernetes allows scaling without increasing the ops team.
The rise of Kubernetes popularity in last 4 years
  • Fog Computing: Fog computing is a distributed network connecting edge computing and cloud or IoT. It’s frameworks provide more choices to process data when appropriate.
  • Big data will get bigger and better: open -source technologies will continue to make big data into the future.

But What Would Happen In A World Without An Open source…..?

  • Firstly it would be really boring. The world might seem like fully owned the Windows. The Internet that we use every minute of our lives , wouldn’t even exist. Software development would be far more expensive to get into and each tech stack would be its own world. Security and stability would be even worse than they are. Advancement would be slower and we probably wouldn’t have things like smartphones or alexa.
  • The technology wouldn’t be as accessible prices of goods and services would be higher without open source software as well as the education would cost a lot more then now though. Human kind knowledge gaining progress would be slower hence more wars for resources and ordinary diseases would kill more people.
  • Without open source technology there would be no digital transformation, rather society would remain in the digital middle ages and progress would come very slowly.
  • Looking into galaxies without open source software ,much would stay in the dark and an open source also enables new insights into the human body. Medicine increasingly uses open source-bases systems for computer tomography or MRI.
  • Without an open source we would lose a lot of variety and of course the speed of innovation that we enjoy today.

In a world without open source the picture would be…

“For starters, the internet and the web would instantly evaporate. Every Android smartphones ,every iPad, iPhone and mac would go dark. A massive section of our energy infrastructure would cease to function. The global stock markets would go offline for weeks, if not longer. Planes would drop out of the sky.it would be an event on the scale of a world war or a pandemic.” –Steven Johnson

As a short answer to the question in the title we say, no we cannot. Without open source software we would be up a brown, smelly creek without a paddle in a leaking canoe.

Hope you found it interesting!


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This article was written by Pallavi Hangarge of SKNCOE, for ZeroGravity and edited by Nia Gajbhiye, the Editor, of ZeroGravity.

The flyer was designed by Revan Bhonde of SKNCOE for ZeroGravity.