October 3, 2022


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Come here Ballie!

Have you ever thought about a robotic personal assistance which literally follows you around in your home? I know you must be thinking about the BB-8 from the Star Wars or R2D2 from the same series. But guess what! Its a reality now. Samsung, the South Korean tech giant company, has unveiled a tennis ball shaped small yellow Artificial Intelligence device named Ballie in the Consumer Electronic Show, known as CES, on 6th of the January in Las Vegas.

The spherical assistance has many capabilities which are definitely very handy. It can activated by the voice. Even, it is able to recognize owner using its tiny camera and give response. It can also perform your household chores. It can work as a alarm clock and wake you up in the morning. It can clean your house by ordering your smart vacuum cleaner. It can handle your smart TV. Thus worry not, it is able to handle all of your smart home devices effectively. And did I tell you, it can also capture your special moments, play with your pets and give them company!

Samsung president and CEO Hyunsuk Kim

We believe AI is the future of personalized care. We see on-device AI as central to truly personalized experiences. On-device AI puts you in control of your information and protects your privacy, while still delivering the power of personalization.” said Sebastian Seung, executive vice president and chief research scientist at Samsung Electronics on the venue.

Samsung president and CEO Hyunsuk Kim said, “In the age of experience, we need to re-think the space we have to accommodate our diverse and evolving lifestyles. What makes Samsung‘s approach unique is the fact that we have a very clear philosophy built around human-centered innovation. We build and create to solve problems and enhance people’s lives.”

In his CES keynote Kim was addressing the robot by saying “Come here Ballie!”, “Say hi!” and “Good boy!”.

“I love this guy. He even knows to give me a little space.”, the CEO said in his speech. “Of course, Samsung‘s vision is more than just a cute robot. It’s a vision of technology as an all-round personal life companion. Intelligent robots will live by your side. They know you, support you, and take care of you so you can focus on what really matters.”, he added.

So, what do you think about the cute little ‘Ballie‘? Do mention in the reply section.