October 3, 2022


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FAU-G: A lackluster?

How it all started?

Akshay Kumar on Twitter announcing about FAU-G

Soon after PUBG was banned, one of the famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar shared a tweet to notify us about, nCORE, a game publishing company, which is working on a project to develop a game called “FAU-G”, a multiplayer online game to represent the bravery of the Indian soldiers, as well as the difficulties they face during the riots and the war, the game was formulated to support PM Narendra Modi’s AtmaNirbhar Bharat movement and to let people know that we don’t require another country’s game when we can self-create something as superior as they can, they also made a statement saying that they will be donating 20% of game’s revenue to the ‘Bharat Ke Veer‘ foundation, which will also allow Indians to also contribute positively to the Indian Army, the game was supposed to be released on 26th November 2020, but because of some technical issues it got postponed, and then finally it was launched on 26th January 2021, the results and feedbacks were something nCORE never expected.

Everyone was disappointed after the launch of FAU-G

So, Why did it actually fail to impress everyone?

Expectation people had with FAU-G

Bugs that irritated players the most :-

  • You can simply walk past by enemies in FAU-G
  • The hitting pattern was repetitive
  • The enemy won’t hit you if you are already fighting with others
  • Weapons placed above the ground can’t be picked by the player
  • People were expecting the controls to be adjustable as they have a habit of 4 finger claws.
Many bugs were discovered soon after its launch

When the FAU-G game launched it managed to garner over a million downloads in a matter of hours. The game went to become the top free game on the Google Play Store and it has also been launched globally. However, soon after the FAU-G release in India, reviews on Google Play Store were pretty mediocre with many complaining about the gameplay being unsatisfactory and leaving a lot to be desired. Even Many Pro Gamers/Streamer trolled FAU-G because of the bugs and the graphic quality it had saying that in this condition it won’t attract many Indian gamers, but also on the other side some of the Pro Gamers such as Naman Mathur(A.K.A. Soul Mortal) and Ketan Patel(A.K.A. Ketan k18) being supportive stated that it’s the first version of the game so having some bugs in it is supposed to be a normal thing, it still has to go through many surveys and because you have a habit of PUBG’s mechanism so it will take some time to adopt a new mechanism.

Soon after the launch the majority of reviews were bad

Many people compared it with PUBG which was expected without knowing that the time and money KRAFTON had, to build PUBG was almost double than nCORE was provided with, Krafton invested a massive amount of 100K $ and gave almost half a year to develop the game, it was launched in March 2017 but had to go through many surveys, feedbacks. At the start, some people were unable to log in or even won’t get the winning view “Winner Winner chicken dinner” after getting over all these issues, Krafton did its soft trials in Canada, and then a year later it gained popularity as one of the best online multiplayer games, after which it partnered with pro athletes, musician, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Angry Birds, Capcom, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and The Mission Impossible franchise, to help draw in new players, whereas FAU-G was made under the pressure that it’s supposed to be ready in a time span of 4 months and even the developers knew that its the most difficult task they ever accomplished.

PUBG while it was on its best version in India

What can be done now?

If we compare it with something as big as PUBG we may never get that satisfactory result but if we look at it as a beginning of a new era for the E-Gamming community in India then the results were pretty amazing. I mean, I have never heard that any Indian based game developing company have ever gained this much popularity before the launch of its product, even many news channels covered the story about FAU-G, for a moment #atmanirbharbharat was the most used hashtag on Twitter and it all happened because of FAU-G and now all it requires is some patience and some modifications in the game mechanism for sure, but at least it’s a good beginning for the Indian E-Gaming community.

Official poster released by nCORE

We still are facing some issues, US and China-based game developing companies faced it more than 5 years ago, it’s not that it’s the first time India in this business. There are multiple games developed by us, RAJI, ScarFall, and MaskGun are one of the best games with extremely good graphics and good gaming mechanisms, but because of PUBG, they failed to get the popularity they deserved.

As of now, we have more opportunities to explore other options, so why not !?

To make the long story short

We know that we are still way behind if we compare the Indian Gaming community to the US and China but for now, all we need to do is be supportive towards it, provide them with constructive feedback instead of trolling them or spreading hate.

And, who knows what comes next !?. the next game our Indian company may become irreplaceable.

Till then, Happy Gaming!

If you believe it’ll work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you don’t believe it’ll work out, you’ll see obstacles.

Wayne Dyer

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This article was written by Kunal Bhatt and edited by Nia Gajbhiye of SKNCOE, Editor of ZeroGravity. Flyer is designed by Revan Bhonde of SKNCOE, for ZeroGravity.