October 3, 2022


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Harbir Singh’s Sketches

Harbir Singh is just as a regular Sinhgad student hailing from Kashmir with a love for drawing. When asked about his hobby he says “I don’t wish to find myself but create myself!

Sketch of bhagat singh
I made this piece as a tribute to Bhagat Singh the Indian socialist revolutionary who not just spoke but acted against the evil British regime and was executed at an age of just 23. I believe that youngsters need to know more about him and his vision of freedom.

Sketch of john snow
It’s fairly easy to recognize the famous Jon snow from the TV show game of thrones, probably the most famous show of the decade.

Artistic sketch
As Oscar Wilde correctly said, “women are meant to be loved, not understood”. this sketch is my way of showing respect to all the strong women out there who hustle every day for their creative space.

This particular piece started as a simple subject but later turned into something deep. Personally i find it intriguing how a face can tell so many stories. but that’s just me. It really depends on how you see it and this piece may have a hundred different interpretations.

Sketch showing hardships of children born in kashmir
I hail from Kashmir and for me, it’s really important for me to talk about it through my work. The children born in Kashmir live in a totally different world. Most of them never really get to know what real freedom is. For good or for worse there always has been a restriction or boundation in one form or another.

Sketch showing a puppet being controlled by a puppet master
This piece was inspired by the work of another artist. It’s inspiring how he was able to convey the message. Sometimes we feel like we’re not being ourself or somehow we are controlled by our surroundings or other people. It’s like being a puppet to another personality.

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