October 3, 2022


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How I Got Placed In Reliance Jio, this being my first Interview ever?!

Lately I’m getting a lot of doubts and queries regarding the hiring process of big product – based companies, like Jio. During my time, I was incognizant of the recruitment scenario, hence, the same shouldn’t happen with any of my juniors or colleagues so I thought of jotting down some important points from my experience all together to make it easy for you all. This is not restricted to freshers only, who aspire to get in placed in Reliance Jio or any other product – based company but also would help anyone who is currently preparing for the same.

Why Jio?

To be honest, I myself had no idea about how great Jio was in terms of its businesses and status, as a fresher everyone wants to have at least one job in hand and you all must be willing with it. So, I went with the flow.

But as I went with the recruitment process, I got to know a lot about this industry and why is it India’s Largest Leading Organization. I was mesmerized by the fact of how Jio has its widen reach in hundreds of products and businesses in all domain considering from Entertainment, Shopping to JioFiber, everything with the mission to Digitally transform India.

My Overall Personal Experience:

I had just entered into the final year of engineerig in Computer Sciences. Everyone was busy preparing for DSA, OOPs, OS, etc. As a normal contestant, I started registering for placement drives offered by our college.

Reliance Jio was one of the first companies to drive on campus for batch 2018-2022 and this was my first interview ever in my life so I wasn’t really expecting to get selected but it happened to be quite smooth and my communication skills and confidence were the main factors to help me get through this. So, I guess this was the main reason to my selection. The entire recruitment process was online due to Covid restrictions. Most of the interview questions were based on the Resume so make sure to add only the experiences/ projects you can count upon.

Eligibility Criteria: There was no hard criteria as such but some factors were mentioned like:

  • B.E/B.Tech specialization in CS, IT, E&TC & Electrical.
  • 60% in 10th, 12th/ Diploma and till 3rd year of graduation
  • No live Backlog

Recruitment Duration : 9 Days (22 July- 30 July 2021)

I would appreciate how fast and quick the Recruitment Team was to wind up the entire process in just 8-10 days.

Stages for Recruitment Process:

1) Technical Interview – 1

2) Online Test

3) Technical Interview – 2

4) HR Interview

Technical Interview – 1

Jio preferred to first conduct the Technical interview even before Online test. It was of moderate level I can say and the major thing looked upon was your communication skills and confidence.

Mine was scheduled on 22nd July, 2021 on JioMeet Platform.

It started really well and the interviewer made sure to make me comfortable.

Questions asked:

1) Tell me about yourself?

2) Tell me about your interested domain and is it technical or non-technical.

I was honest about how I was interested in Technical role as well as in Project/ Product management.

3) What’s the Difference between Product management and Project management?

4) The Coding languages which I’m comfortable with (I answered Python & C++) and then followed by the questions based on that:

  • What are Tuples, Dictionaries, Keywords, friend function, inline function, difference between C and C++ and the basic question which are very often asked in campus interviews.

5) DSA questions: What is linked list, stack and what are linear data structures with example.

6) OOP questions: What are Class, Objects, Encapsulation, Polymorphism etc.

7) What is SDLC & can you name the phases of SDLC?

8) Overview of my Final year project and domain.

Results were out on 26th July. Out of 500, only 132 students were shortlisted for Online test based on the performance.

Online Test

Date: 27th July 2021

Online test had all together 2 sections:

  • Aptitude: Aptitude was the reason why I cleared this round as level of questioning was easy for Verbal and Logical Reasoning section, though quantitative analysis was at moderate level.
  • Coding: Coding (Competitive) was on difficulty level and very few people were able to run the solution. To be honest, I didn’t perform that well at the coding section.

The result was estimated based on the overall marks of Aptitude + Coding section which led many students relieve as coding was the toughest part.

Results were out on the same day (evening) and out of 132, 57 students were shortlisted for Technical interview 2.

Technical interview – 2

Date: 28th July 2021

This was the last technical round and lasted for longer time as compared to previous one.

It was again of moderate level and the things looked upon were your problem solving approach, thinking process and confidence.


Initially Basic opening questions about myself and my interests.

Some conceptual questions were asked like what is the difference between IT Engineering and CSE to basically know your way of answering.

Then moving to the technical part I was asked in deep about my project. Then 5-6 questions on python and its functions, Object-oriented programming concepts (prepare well, important for all interviews) and DSA questions.

Results were out on 29th July, 32 people were shortlisted out of 57. Again to appreciate on how quick the result declaration was.

To mention about Coding in interviews, I wasn’t asked to code though my problem solving approach was asked through some conceptual but moderate level question.

HR Interview

It was scheduled on 29th July (evening) and was the easiest of all rounds.

We were asked to join all together and in the presence of Manager as well as HRs. We were given 3 minutes to answer these question:

1) Tell us about yourself.

2) Why should we hire you?

3) Tell us about your family background.

The final list was out on next morning, i.e 30th July 2021 and 31 people were selected to join Reliance Jio.

Tips to Success:

  • Be Confident
  • Work on your Communication skills
  • Practice Aptitude Questions and Competitive Coding
  • Be Honest with your information and resume
  • Read blogs or watch online videos to have a hold on your problem solving and thinking process.

So, this was my overall journey in getting placed at India’s leading organization. I hope, I clarified most of the your queries or doubts.

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All the very best for your future endeavors!