October 3, 2022


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Inside Techtonic ’20 — Interview with STES Core Committee

Sinhgad Karandak Techtonic 2020 was one of the biggest college technical event in India with 391 events across 16 colleges and more than 17000 participants.

STES Core Committee – Techtonic 2020
Prof. R. H. Borhade Sir, STES Staff Coordinator

Shubham Domale, STES Student Coordinator
Aditya Bhatia, STES Documentation Coordinator
Ishwar Sarade, STES Online Registration Coordinator
Akash Raykar, SKNCOE Institute Coordinator
Saurabh Gore, STES Co-Coordinator
Mayur Patil, STES Campaigning Head
Mahi Panchal, STES Registration Coordinator

Rajkumar Patil, Techtonic Guide

Sandesh Giri, STES Design Team Coordinator
Dheeraj Gupta, STES Photography Team
Yash Dewangan, STES Photography Team
Prashant Kumar, STES Photography Team
Revan Bhonde, STES Photography Team

We interviewed the Techtonic’s Core Committee members. Here’s what they have to say about how they handled the entire event and what goes on inside the core committee.

Core members of team techtonic
Techtonic STES Core Committee

Q. Who has authority to form Core Committee?

Aditya: During Techtonic, we have one host college which includes director and faculty in-charge. These members then form staff core committee which has the authority to form students’ core committee. SKNCOE Vice Principal, Dr. K. R. Borole Sir, was the Director of Techtonic 2020 and HOD of IT Department, Prof. R.H. Borhade Sir, was the Staff Coordinator.

Q. Who can get chance to be part of Core Committee?

Aditya: During our academic journey, department always look over our performance. If department gets someone with properties like leadership, decision making, team work then he/she gets considered for the post.

Shubham Domale
Shubham Domale, STES Student Coordinator

Q. Who instructs you throughout?

Shubham:  We have core committee of staff for this, and I am very glad to tell that this year we got amazing supporters who guided us throughout the journey. Guidance from Prof. Borhade Sir was helpful for us.

Q. Any funny moments?

Shubham: Yes! we got many funny moments. I will share one of them. As due to some upper work load, we got delayed for printing of registration forms. During this time some volunteers were taking event entries on receipt book. One guy from campus noticed this thing and started arguing about. Actually, we were answerable for that and aware too. But he denied to listen us. And then later the same guy was caught with misprints of event posters. So that was the funny moment for us.

Q. How things got implemented by the team?

Aditya: Actually, the pre-planned things don’t work as expected in real. We have to compromise many things by actual implementation.

Shubham: We can get things implemented in better way with the help of our volunteers. We try to visit various colleges to promote volunteers, we have shared our lunch with them too. We tried to find their skills and according to that we used to assign tasks to them.

Aditya Bhatiya
Aditya Bhatia, STES Documentation Head

Q. Tell us something about the registration app.

Ishwar: Some1 – app is social networking for students and college activities like attendance, assignment submission, etc. It was modified for Sinhgad’s Techtonic event. It allowed registration, invoice generation, daily tracking and many other functionalities. It helped to reduce documentation work for volunteers. When applied from next year, it will reduce workload by 80% to 90%.

Q. What is the flow of registration in Techtonic events?

Shubham: Participant gets registered by filling registration form from volunteers. The form then arrives at department level. After every two or three days all entries are counted and fees are collected at college level, through which we then finalize budgets for different colleges.

Aditya: There is daily tracking sheet for each day which gets updated at the end of the day. This sheet contains event wise records for each day with total amount collected. Then we arrange meetings to sum up all these daily tracking sheets

Ishwar Sarade
Ishwar Sarade, STES Online Registration Coordinator

Q. Being Institute Coordinator, how did you initiate your journey?

Akash: First of all, I found out how many departments I have to manage after which I approached every department head and got familiar with them. Then I assigned tasks to every department head.

Q. How has college staff played their role in your journey?

Akash: In general scenario, higher authorities are completely unaware about work load of lower authorities, but in our case, we got really great support from entire college staff. They treated us just like their family.

Akash Raykar
Akash Raykar, STES Core Committee Member & SKNCOE Institute Coordinator

Q. Did you ever thought of being a part of Techtonic 2020 Core Committee?

Ishwar: No, I never thought that I would ever become a part of Techtonic STES Core Committee. I was just thinking to apply this app at department level. But, Borhade Sir, Techtonic Staff Coordinator, wanted to apply it at STES level for online registration and that was really a big challenge for me and a great opportunity too! So I worked hard to make the app scalable & interactive. It was a beautiful experience for me as I learnt many things during Techtonic.

Q. Any bad experience at Institute level?

Akash: Mainly, whenever we asked department coordinators about all details due to some ambiguities, they were unable to provide the details on time which led many delays in our flow.

Q. How things can get better as per your point of view?

Akash: I would like to advice that, please start your campaigning as early as you can. If you get enough essentials from your campaigning you can start your work with sufficient amount.

Q. How was your bond with the team during Techtonic?

Aditya: In that case, we literally spent near about 14 hours per day with each other. We were firstly unknown to each other but then we got too many things and friends in common which led stronger bond each day.

Q. What were you feeling at the end of this big event?

Ishwar: It was one of the best feelings I ever had. Registration worth 80,000₹ was done using this app. When Shubham in his Techtonic concluding speech told everyone about app and said “… all credit goes to Mr. Ishwar Sarade” that was the proud moment for me. Techtonic was a great experience for all of us.

Q. What did you get from Techtonic ?

Shubham: We were the kind of boys having Instagram usage of 3-4 hours a day, but in Techtonic we got this timing down to 10-20 minutes a day. Similarly, we were not much familiar with each other before this event but now we got such a bond that we are now planning for a picnic trip soon.  And this bond is the most precious thing we got from Techtonic.

This interview is taken by Revati Sutavane and Nachiket Labade.