October 3, 2022


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Interview With Akshay Dhurandhar

“You need to have a balance in life” said Akashay Dhurandhar.

Akshay is an aspiring singer and has auditioned for Indian Idol. He loves Teaching. Read this interview with Akashy Dhurandhar about his journey and get inspired.

Q. Please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Akshay Dhurandhar. I live in khamgaon, which is 500 km away from Pune. I have a family of 5 members. I completed my bachelors from SidhiVinayak technical campus, Khamgao, and did my masters in heat power engineering from SCOE, Pune. Singing is my passion and I work at Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering as a teacher assistant. 

Akshay Dhurandhar

Q. What is that about music that drew you in?

In 3rd grade, the class teacher asked the whole class to showcase their talents, so I sang a song for the first time. The teachers praised my singing and everyone seemed to love the sound of my voice. That was the time that motivated me to pursue singing.

Q. Who is your inspiration?

I have been singing since I was in 3rd class. It was when I was 14, That I heard Sonu Nigam for the first time. I was astonished to hear him sing and I discovered that he was so perfect. He mesmerized me. Sonu Nigam inspired me a lot throughout. I have learned so many things from Sonu Nigam. It started when I was 14 and till now, he is my mentor.

Akshay Dhurandhar showing his won trophy

Q. What is the first thing that music taught you?

I used to think that my singing is perfect but then one day I realized that I have concentrated on a particular song to make it sound perfect. And in the past, my singing was effortless like sometimes when u do something effortlessly but that thing was hard to achieve. Similarly, sometimes I sang something and later realized how did I pull that off? Having this understanding is a breakthrough that brings about an improvement. You face reality and then work on it.

Q. What is your creative process like? Like how do you come up with a creative idea, how your thoughts proceed, and how do you get your required results/outputs? 

So, when you experience something you feel certain emotions such as depression or anxiety and some past experiences that make you deeply understand a song. Your understanding increases and then you start hearing the lyrics of the song and can relate to it. For me, I listen to a song a lot. Before singing it, you first have to imprint its notes in your mind. I mostly focus on the melody and the notes. Nowadays that I’m able to relate the lyrics with my past life experiences, I’ve started giving them significance. A year ago I created a melody and wrote the lyrics according to the emotions that I was feeling at that time. I’m planning to record it and release it with a well known label soon. 

Q. How did you get into teaching? What motivated you to pursue teaching?

I cannot do a single thing for a long time. I feel you need to have a balance between various jobs in our day to day life. I am not the kind of person who spends too much time on a single thing. I do many things, but I keep a balance between them all. That’s how I distribute my time between singing and my job.

Akshay Dhurandhar holding his trophies

Q. How do you feel the B-Town has impacted the Music Industry?

As Sonu Nigam said in Bollywood there are companies do not appreciate the creativity of an artist. There is a chance that the song created by me would be sung by someone else. In those, importance is given to the songs that relate to a movie, and none is given to an independent artist who might be much better. One such incidence that happened with me is that when I auditioned for INDIAN IDOL and they interview you to get your background story. They do this to increase the TRP of the show. Also, the singing in these reality shows are first recorded and corrected in the studio. What we see on the TV is just lip-sync. This demotivates the aspiring singer. 

Q. Do you wish to continue to teach or do something in music in the future?

As of now, I think I should follow my passion along with a private-sector job. I am also going to join some classes that would teach me further technicalities of music. Then I will approach some music labels with my compositions.

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