October 3, 2022


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Interview With Dr. Manoj L. Bangare

Dr. Manoj L. Bangare is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Technology at Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering (SKNCOE), Pune since last 16 years. He completed his graduation in Computer Science from Government College of Engineering, Amravati. Also qualified for GATE in 2003 with 91.17%. Then also did his M.Tech in Computer Engineering from College Of Engineering (COEP), Pune. Joined SKNCOE back in 2005 as lecturer and secured admission in COEP Research Center under SPPU  and completed his PhD in Computer Engineering last year. Some of his hobbies/interests are listening to music, reading books and playing cricket.

Q. What inspired you to do a Phd ?

I’m fascinated by privacy problems in pluggable storage. I’ve always been fond of solving these type of problems. Hence, this feeling motivated and inspired me to learn more about it.

Q. In which field did you complete your PhD?

I completed my PhD from College Of Engineering (COEP), Pune in the field of Computer Engineering, specifically in Cloud Computing. My research was in cloud pluggable storage vulnerability and privacy issues for ubiquitous devices. And the research outcome was algorithmic solution for privacy in cloud storage.

Q. How was your experience?

It was really a nice journey, full of challenges and hidden opportunities. Learned a lot on new technical advances and upcoming discoveries in the growing tech world. This experience helped me upgrade and evolve my knowledge in various fields. Technical field all about growing step by step, there is no stepping backwards. You never know what can come next.

Q. What positives and negatives did you feel while undergoing the course?

Advantages as for PhD our multiple. However, relating to my field, gaining facts about Gaming and Research knowledge was fun. And like you asked, a drawback can be that while you decide to undergo this course, you’ll have to completely devote yourself into it. Because, knowledge about any research area is never enough. You’ll always feel no time is enough for you. And as you decide to go deep into it, you’ll go deeper and deeper. It’ll be nearly impossible for you to spend quality time with your friends & family.

Q. As the pandemic hit us last year, and many of them lost their jobs. Hence, what do you suggest the upcoming generation to be prepared for?

I can only suggest you’ll to be prepared for the worst to come. This is a generation of startups, think and come up with interesting ideas to help people with unemployment and create jobs for them. Provide them with various opportunities. As an entrepreneur’s job is to solve problems of the people, it is the primary concern too!

Q. How should a student start his/her placement preparations?

One should start prepping up themselves from second year itself. As we’ve a Training & Placement Cell in our college, where students are asked to register with and subsequently guided by the teachers to appear for upcoming companies as per their eligibility. As for your self-preparation, start focusing on your aptitude and soft skills. They are the primary steps to appear for placements & interviews. Also make sure you are technically sound and avoid distractions. If you want, you can also join or learn from private coaching.

Q. What message would you like to convey to your students?

Life is beautiful. Love it and enjoy the every moment of it with fullest!

Never be overconfident, it is a part of self-destruction.

– Dr. Manoj L. Bangare

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  • Authors: Nachiket Labade & Nia Gajbhiye
  • Editor: Ishwar Sarade
  • Flyer: Navin Bhagat