October 3, 2022


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Interview With Dr. Ravindra S. Apare

Never give up, always keep trying. One can never regret working hard, because some way or the other, hard work always pays off“, said Dr. Ravindra S. Apare.

He is none other than one of our esteemed faculty members from IT department at Smt. Kashibai Navale College Of Engineering, Pune. And also the Head of Training & Placement Cell of our college. Joined the college in the year 2007. Hence, holds the record of most highly experienced professors in the department. As an individual, he is the most polite and humble person you will come across, who loves to meditate, perform yoga and swim. And is also a huge fan of cricket and volleyball. Recently, he completed his PhD in Computer Science & Engineering. Read this interview to know more about his experience and full yourself with loads of inspiration and enthusiasm.

Q. Would really be a pleasure, if you could introduce yourself once?

Myself Dr. Ravindra S. Apare. I have completed by Bachelor of Engineering (B.Tech.) and Masters of Engineering (M.Tech.) in Computer Science and recently done my PhD in Computer Science & Engineering) and also done my Masters of Buisness Administration (MBA) in Human Resource.

Q. What inspired you to do Phd ?

My passion about the subject and it’s willingness and countless amount of research inspired me the most. I’ve always loved to research and learn about new things and most importantly if it’s my best-liked field.

Q. From where did you complete your PhD and in which field?

I completed my PhD from Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University (JJTU), Rajasthan in Computer Engineering specialized in IOT Security.

Q. How was the experience and what advantages/disadvantages did you feel while undergoing the course?

The experience was very good. Well, this course has multiple advantages, no such disadvantage. But, can be considered a bit boring for people who don’t like to do research and analysis of lengthy topics or get deep information about a specific field. I personally like researching and analytical aspects of the field, hence it was a great experience for me.

Q. When was the Training & Placement Cell established in our college? How and when were you appointed as it’s Head? Also, brief us about this cell.

This cell was established from the beginning of the college itself. I was appointed as Training and Placement IT Dept Coordinator in the year 2016, after my joining. This cell basically focuses on centralizing a student’s overall efforts to satisfy their expectations for their future career goals. To develop their personality by way of conducting personality development programs like, Placement Training Programs, Aptitude Tests, etc. to appear for placements.

Q. When should a student start preparing for his/her placements? What is the procedure in appearing for placements in our college?

From First Year itself, one should aim for good placements. Students are primarily informed to register at GEMS, a popular and trusted platform for placements. And further steps are followed by the staff to guide the students.

Q.What according to you can be considered as Do’s & Don’t’s in a campus placement?  How to start it’s preparation and mistakes one must avoid while preparing for interviews?

Do’s- Prepare as per given instruction, follow the guidance of teachers. Don’t’s- Avoid arrogance behaviour, don’t try to prove you know better than them, obviously there are here because they know better than you. Overconfidence leads to destruction. Always be confident only when you genuinely feel the confidence within you. Don’t apply shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to achieve anything. For self-preparation, built your aptitude & technical knowledge and most importantly, built your communication skills.

Q. What message would you like to convey to your students?

Be kind and polite to everyone around you. Don’t give up on your goals, keep trying, and chasing things. Your dedication to work and hard work will surely help you achieve whatever you desire.