October 3, 2022


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Interview With Mr. Prafull Jadhav.

An Interview with Music director Mr. Prafull Jadhav. The Article describes Journey of Challenges and Achievements in Life...

Your Journey behind A successful Music Director?

I was Passionate about Music from childhood. Familiar with music as my grandfather used to play Tabla. My Mother also sings really well. she sent me to join Music class and from that point my whole life changed. I started learning Tabla since I’m 4 years old in gurukul near my house where I met my Guru Nawaj Shri. Achyut Sutar ji from that point I performed in many prestigious festivals, shows and also won many awards.
I also Used to score well in academics too. After 12th I came to Pune, took admission in Sinhgad college, E&Tc branch. In the same year I found out that there is an ART CIRCLE in our college. At that time I wasn’t aware of many musical instruments. After joining, I introduced Myself to other musical genres and instruments like drums, guitars and synthesizer that moved my interest further.
That was my new start. After that show, I started learning Drumkit, Synthesizer and all the new instruments that I can. This is how I went totally into music.

Turning point as a music composer from a student ?

In 3rd yr, I got yd. I was so frustrated at first but after a few days I started teaching Music and then in that whole year, I explored music a lot. I performed on many big platforms. We had concerts in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmednagar.
Then I got confidence, yes I want to do this. In Anvita Art Circle, we used to perform many songs but one year my director Ankit and Ashutosh asked me to compose original songs and from that I started composing with my friend Kalash.
After I completed my engineering and started doing this as a full time Profession.

Any projects In the music Industry ?

At first, I did not know how the song was produced in the studio . When I was in 2nd year, one of my senior college friends Nikhil produced one of our fusion songs and I was really mesmerized by the total process of recording the song . Till that point I only used to compose. After that I really gotta know how this total process works. In my last year of engineering I did Song “Vighnaharta Tu” for my launch of “Find Ganesha” Application.
After engineering I got a random call from a guy Tanay. He wanted me to produce and direct a Ganapati song for Zee Music Studio and he liked my previous work. That is how “Hey Morya” Happened. All of the above songs are written by My dearest friend Aditya Pawar who always gives words to my feelings. Originally the song was in Hindi only but they really liked the song and then we also did the same song in Marathi also. It was really a big deal for me and I learned a lot from experience…
Till date I have done many professional plays “Musical J4U”, RCO, Sane Ani Company with my friend Nusrat Apoorv.
And the main thing about all this journey this gave me people that I can cherish for life.


“An Our Own Band Production. We have performed in many prestigious competitions like Sinhgad Karandak at Symbiosis and also got selected in the final round of Sangeet Samrat season 2.”

Any college memory you would like to share?

In college, I’ll must remind A guy Ankit Shah who pushed me forward all the time, motivated me to make my own composition. I am very grateful to that person. Because of him I am and what I’m doing right now. It all matters for me.
In Anvita Art Circle we composed background scores and original songs for many Dramas which performed in many prestigious competitions.
As an example, Last year The play named “Sane and Company” we performed that play in Thespo Drama Festival. Which is one of the biggest drama competitions in India held in Prithvi Theatre Mumbai.

What is Your Biggest Success in College Life?

In my Final year, I received News that I banged All India Rank 1 in TABLA VISHARAD exam held by Gandharv Mahavidyalaya and for that I received an Award from PADMA VIBHUSHAN Dr. PRABHA ATRE one of the greatest Classical singer in India.

Did your Family supports you?

YES! They found me passionate about music and they appreciate my efforts. So they never forced me into another field and supported me to make a career in music.

Your best creation/composition till now?

The Marathi song “HOIL GA CHAHUL” is very close to me and many of my friends and family. It was a short film by my friend mr. Varad. It is a woman facing the gravest odds which reminds us to never give up. Ana a tribute to all the brave men martyred in Pulwama attack. How their family survived after it. Their emotions were depicted in that song..

What do you feel about Music & Instruments?

I’d say, “You may not know how to play each and Every instrument. But for a music director he must know the soul of that particular instrument because after that you just have to follow your emotions.
The more instruments you know, canvas for it gets bigger and free so you can add more colors and textures to the song or musical piece you are composing.
And for ideas part, Whenever I go for a ride I always keep my recorder on because the new ideas, new melodies come automatically when I am on a ride.

Message for others as A Music Director & Engineer?

“It is not necessary that whatever you are doing right now will become the future. Also there is no guarantee of getting a success either by following which is currently hitting the industry and by following those trends and paths only. Struggle And Believe in Instincts is must. As a Music director, being a millionaire is not our dream. Goal is always to reach people’s hearts through our art, music, emotions for work

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