October 3, 2022


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Interview with Mrunal Sajgure — Anchor, Rapper, Singer.

Mrunal is a student from SKNCOE and is a successful rapper and has been an anchor in various shows across India. She had been selected for MTV hustle, has a channel on YouTube, and has done over 100+ shows in the last two years. We decided to interview her to let you know of her remarkable achievements.

Mrunal Sajgure

How did you start anchoring shows?

Since school, I was very good at speaking. A lot of people came up to me and said, “You speak well. You speak in a way that you can connect with people on another level.” When I was in the first year, I joined Elisa. I participated in an audition for BE farewell anchoring. I was randomly present there and I thought, you know what, I should just go and give it a try. I gave my audition and they were so impressed, they selected me. Our HOD and teachers praised me during the farewell.

How did anchoring at the Carnival and Karandak go?

After this, I thought of anchoring at the carnival, after about 8-9 rounds, and I got selected in one go. I was not sure if I could perform on such a big stage. I used to look at videos on Instagram and Youtube to guide myself. With time, Karandak started to approach. I had such an impact on the audience during carnival that within 6 months I was taking an audition at Karandak. People were loving me. During Carnival, I got offers from people in the audience, people from outside the campus, for acting as well as anchoring. The carnival was such a boon for me because that was the first time in my life I performed on stage and it turned out to be fabulous. I got plenty of offers and I took all of them.

I starred in a Marathi movie that has about 105k views on Youtube. I started rapping. I became one of the most recognized artists here in Pune. I did a lot of shows. I also went on MTV hustle but I opted out because I faced the language barrier. I am a part of the underground hip hop community of Pune. I did more than a hundred shows. I have a channel. I don’t write vague music. I write music to help people with mental issues. Now I am in my final year, I am planning my MS. These are my hobbies, but I take them seriously and put my heart into everything I do. I am gonna put a lot of efforts in pretty much everything I do. I had a lot of support and never had a backlash. I had friends. I wasn’t a very good anchor when I started, but my teams pushed me to my limits. There was a lot of good support.

How anchoring at Karandak impacted Mrunal’s journey as an anchor.

How many shows have you done?

It is difficult to keep a count. I was doing a show every alternative day. I have done a lot of shows, so its more than a hundred as of now.

What event did you enjoy the most?

I would always say Karandak. When you speak in front of the people you know, your people, there’s a different vibe with them. Altogether a very different vibe. Tata Motors has officially hired me as an anchor for all their shows.

When did you start rapping? How did you get so good at it?

I was into rapping since I was in school. I was not very good at it. Some people are born with it, I wasn’t one of those. When you rap there are a lot of things to consider. You have to be a good writer, you have to have a very good accent, a bold voice, etc. Nicki Minaj has been my idol. I listened to her albums on repeat and realized I have that accent, that voice, I can do this! but I took a lot of time to become a good writer. You could say I spent 2 years trying to improve my writing. I started writing vague verses which made no sense, but with time I improved and started writing for people with mental health issues. I wrote things which made people get up. I have thousands of people texting me, telling me how my music has helped them. I write for people.

Mrunal Sajgure

My anchoring team is the best thing that happened to me in College. They’re very precious to me.

Girl and a boy on stage with mic

Since you’re progressing in achieving your goals what are your future plans in anchoring and rapping?

I know I’m not the best at it, but I am pretty good and if I work more on this I can reach heights. But I always had different plans. I was always into business and I have planned my future according to that. I am currently planning for my MS, I was gonna opt for it this year but did not because of the Pandemic. I am planning my masters in MIS, Management of Information Systems. And after that I want to take a job as a business analyst, then start my own business. Apart from this, I have plans of opening my event management company. I am also planning on providing free tutorials for students who wanna take up anchoring. I have written scripts for everything. I hope I could help and inspire people who wanna pursue anchoring. That’s about it!

Mrunal Sajgure

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