October 3, 2022


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Interview with Shubham Shirse

Shubham Shirse is director and co-founder of Geniobits.com
He is a full-stack developer, security researcher and a hacker.

He started his development journey in 10th std when he was learning to code and he created his first website in 12th std.

What motivated you to start as a Bug Bounty Hunter?

Well, the motive behind starting as a bug bounty hunter was a thrill about how I could hack into things. I wanted to enhance the security of my apps and the software myself and I was excited to learn more about it. When I got to know about how big tech companies give you rewards when you provide them with their vulnerabilities, I thought of it as a matter of learning and excitement.

You started this journey in 2nd year, tell us more about it!

I started my journey as a bug bounty hunter in my sophomore year when I was asked by a friend whether I was interested in learning ethical hacking. I sure was interested, later, joined HackersEra and learnt many interesting concepts.

Tell us about the bugs you reported. How many bounties did you collect?

The first bug I reported to was Mastercard. Gradually, I went on to report bugs to Microsoft, Netherlands University of Twente and many other multinational companies.

What was the biggest bug that you ever reported?

There were many types of bugs that I reported. Most of them were related to SQL Injection, Shell uploads and many more.
The biggest bug I reported was very serious as anyone could have access to their backends with a simple shell upload.
When they, the Banking Corporation in the Netherlands knew about the bugs, they rewarded me.

You also worked as a developer at HackersEra. Tell us something about it!

I worked as a developer at HackersEra. When a course in Udemy got leaked easily, they came up with a plan of developing a website that is highly secure and can’t be hacked easily. I found that idea quite interesting and I decided to work on it. It was a bit risky matter but I surely decided to work on it. I wrote the code for about 3-4 months. When they liked my website, they decided to put the course on it. It was a very interesting project that I worked on.

You started a company in an incubation center of the college. Could you provide some information about the company and its functionality ?

The company that we founded was registered in July 2019. We were working as a service-based startup. It means that we provided our services to other companies that needed specified products within time. It was a client bases startup that we started. Fortunately, we got several customers as started our journey.
As our services showed up, we decided to expand our startup by hiring interested students as our employees. We rented a flat nearby asked the staff of SCOE for few students interested in joining. Fortunately, the staff agreed and we finally got our company on the go.
When the Head of the Department of our college asked us about the company and found out that we rented an apartment, he suggested that we should reside in the incubation centre the college instead of giving rent. We found it helpful and we used the incubation centre as our residence afterwards.
It felt amazing when the college supported our ambitions too.

What types of services did your company provide to the clients?

Most often, we provided Web development and App development services to our client.
I remember a very interesting project that we got from a Law company. The clients wanted us to make a searching software that would search more than 10,000+ files in the shortest time possible. We successfully provided them with their app and software and it was a very good project to work on.

Your company has launched an app recently. Tell us about it.

In A Nutsehll App

As mentioned, we were working as a service-based company. We decided that the company too should have its product and decided to continue building our product.

I worked on e-learning when I was at HackersEra. It was quite successful, but then I thought of moving a step further. I wanted to make a website that is more intuitive, more user-friendly and highly secure.

Hence we developed a platform which is a website and an app called ‘In A Nutshell‘ that we’ve recently launched and is currently in beta version.

Tell us about ‘In A Nutshell’

In A Nutshell, is an educational platform that provides several types of courses to its users. Anyone can signup any course they want to pursue. The main motive behind this e-learning platform was unlike Udemy, Udacity etc. the authors of the course could have the freedom to choose the pricing and distribution of their course. the author can have total control of their course anytime they want.
This platform is also designed to be used for business purpose which we are currently working on. We are also working on providing live streaming to the users so that they can attend online lectures of the authors they follow.

Do you still hunt for bugs?

Well, it’s not my job anymore. Although I used to do it like a year ago I’m currently focusing on the development of the project. I do use my knowledge in the development of security purpose.

Could you tell us about your role in the company?

I have two roles in my company now. I am a CFO and a CTO (Technical Manager). As a CFO, I handle the financial stuff in the company and as a Technical Manager, I decide what technology, what frameworks to use in the project that we’re working on.
In that way, I handle most of the stuff in my company providing my knowledge to the employees and the interns.

What would you like to advise the college students to learn other than the syllabus?

The knowledge that we get from college is mostly theoretical and if we see its usage in the company, it is not quite up to it. I would say that the SE, TE students should do internships in other companies. That way, they’ll get to know about the technologies, the culture and the work ethic of the company. Internships are a good way to learn more. They’ll get more experience about how things work.

Any message you would like to give to college students.

If you have a dream, if you have passion, now would be the perfect time.

Apart from running after degree and exams, you should follow dreams and passion to get to the right place.