October 3, 2022


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Interview with the Amazing “Team Tangent”

Writing: Hemanth Patil, Tejas Parsapatki.
Direction: Vaibhav Kale.
Backstage: Sarang Patil, Sandesh Sonavne, Anup Pote, Pritish Alatgi.
Lightwork: Tejas Raspatki, Soham Inamdar
Music : Amit Patil, Prasad Chavan
Artists : Akash Sutar, Mrunal Tare, Snehal Garade, Vaibhav Kale, Gayatri Battise, Shubham Patne, Anushri Dawre, Sagar Vyavhare, Sarang Patil, Sandesh Sonavne, Prasad Chavan, Anup Pote, Pritish Alatgi, Hemanth Patil, Soham Inamdar

Team tangent on stage of purshottam karandak

Here’s to the journey of the amazing team tangent lead by Mr. Vaibhav Kale, a hardworking and successful yet humble and down to earth personality. A team full of charismatic people, never not hustling.

How was your experience while debuting as a director?

Vaibhav: I never thought I’d direct because I was always occupied in acting. Initially, acting was what pulled me to the art circle. But then I was asked to direct. I was quite nervous in the beginning because I had to lead a team of 15. As a director, I had to take up the responsibility of handling all of them and making good strategies. As we proceeded, I started enjoying direction and we pulled it off pretty well. Eventually, I directed about 5-6 plays. I directed as well as acted in some of the plays. To sum up the experience, I was nervous at first but enjoyed myself throughout the process.

Stage play
Mrunal Tare, Snehal Gardade, Gayatri Battise and Akash Sutar

Please share an example of how you coached or mentored someone to act.

Vaibhav: I’d like to tell you about how I coached our lead actress. It was her first play and she came here as an amateur actress. The play was about a family that lived in a village. The characters were to be of a rural background. Our lead actress being born and brought up in a city had to face difficulties adapting the accent, culture and lifestyle of the village people. I had to constantly push and motivate her to learn and adapt. All the efforts payed off and her performance was so natural and outstanding, it was sort of surprising for us.

 How was your experience playing a character of a village girl?

Mrunal: It was difficult for me, because I’d never been to a village. The only idea of a village I had was from what I saw in the movies. I faced language barriers and accent conflicts. The accent was kind of hard to adapt. It took me a lot of time to learn but I certainly was ready at the time of finals. 

Stage play

Tell me how you organize, plan and prioritize your work?

Vaibhav: I always plan everything beforehand. We set a target every day. Most of the times we achieve it. When we fail to achieve our daily target, we plan the next day better. We’re mostly very efficient in our work and have backup plans to cover everything we miss out.

Tell us about your budget issues.

Vaibhav: We require budget to design our props and the set. The people who build the set look after the cost cutting. We have Sandesh and his team look after that.

Sandesh: We always try to reuse the props and components used in our previous set. For e.g. we took the materials (like wood, decoration stuff) used in the play we performed at the Firodiya Karandak for designing the set of Tangent. Like that we can be efficient. Rest of the colleges design their sets based on trial and error. We design our sets digitally and then finalize and implement them. Our college provides us a sanctioned budget.

Team tangent
Team Tangent

Have you always been passionate about acting?

Mrunal: I never thought of acting as my career, it’s only a hobby. I used to enthusiastically participate in skits and plays during my high school days. I auditioned for the art circle. I found Puroshottam karandak quite exciting. Luckily, I got selected.

Vaibhav: I grew up watching a lot of Bollywood movies. I’ve always been passionate about acting.  It felt like it was my thing. I gave it a thought when I was in 12TH and realized this is what I want to pursue. I made a decision and here we are. It used to be my hobby, now its my passion.

What opportunities has Tangent given you?

Sandesh: I got recognition after Tangent. I’m offered to design sets of various colleges during Firodiya Karandak.  

Vaibhav: I was offered a film. I am given an opportunity to work with Makarand Anaspure. We participated in a play in Mumbai where Nasiruddin Shah was invited as a Guest. The winner of the competition was to be given telecasting on Zee Talkies. We won and the play was aired on Zee Talkies as well as ABP Mazha.  It wasn’t a tie up or anything. This was organized by the people who organized the actual event. It was quite an achievement for us.

Stage play
Mrunal Tare, Vaibhav Kale, Snehal Gardade and Akash Sutar

What message would you like to give to the aspiring artists of our College?

Vaibhav: I just want the artists to know that they should aspire to create art for themselves and not for other people to look at. Acting is a beautiful place bind by four walls in your mind. You have to indulge in it. You have to act for yourself rather than the audience, the show, the performance or the stage.

You must also look at the prizes Team Tangent has won.

Purushottam karandak 2019:- Sanjeev karandak owned one act play (Best Team 3rd Prize)
Keshavrao Date Award (Best acting)
Neek Sindhu Award (Direction second)
Kakaji Joglekar Award (Acting Consolation )
Kakaji Joglekar Award (Acting Consolation )

Mumbai MNC Kalavant Sanghatana organised Kamal Vasant Jadhav Karandak 2019:- Acting Consolation

Bharat Karandak 2019:- Best team consolation
2 Acting Consolation Awards

Dajikaka Gadgil karandak 2019:- 2 Acting Consolation awards

Rajsanman Karandak 2019:- Won first prize
Won first prize for Writing
Won first prize for Direction
Won second prize for Set Designing
Best Acting award (Male)

Loksatta Lokankika Karandak (Finals):- Won first prize
Won first prize for Direction
Won first prize for Writing
Best Acting (Male)
Won first prize for Set Designing
Won first prize for Lights
Won first prize for Music

Loksatta Lokankika Karandak (Grand finals):- Won 3rd prize
Best Acting (Male)
Acting Consolation

Purushottam Mahakarandak:- Acting Consolation Abhirang mohatsav 2 individual prizes for acting Atal karandak finals