October 3, 2022


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Interview with Vishal Kumavat

Vishal Kumavat, 24, is a successful anchor and has hosted more than 400 shows. We met him for interview and found many interesting things from his professional and personal life.

Q. When did it all get start?
It was my third year in Engineering, at that time I was suffering from very bad time and while roaming in the campus I saw that there were auditions going at Cultural Centre and found out that these were for Sinhgad Carnival event and I thought why not go for this. In depression you fall to the point that you don’t want to fall any further and I applied. At that time, I was completely unknown to anchoring but somehow inner voice of me made me to give audition.  I met a person named Mr. Gaurav Gujar and for me he is still my Guru. Whatever the energy I get, it is from him. I was sitting in the mob and then he stood me up and took my audition. I gave my best and returned from there. When I asked them about result, they told me I was selected.

Vishal Kumawat in a black suit

Q. How many shows have you done till the date?
Started from the Sinhgad Carnival 2015 to this day, I have done 438 shows

Q. Tell us about the recent show that you have hosted.
Yesterday, it was pre-Holi bash. There is group called Awesome Angels. More than 120 ladies were present. It was mixture of Women’s day celebration, Holi and Roadies like games. Many tasks were performed. Also, treasure hunt was conducted in the resort. It was fun.

Vishal Kumawat in holi festival
Vishal with ‘Awesome Angels’

Q. Where do you get the confidence from?
I make myself confident before the show. Before any stage entry, I make me feel stable and confident and get into that zone and that’s all. When I started doing shows out of Sinhgad, I became better at this.

Q. Is there any person you look up to as to get confidence and motivation?
To get motivation, there is one person Mr. Gaurav Gujar. There is no one above him. I also want to take name of Sharukh khan for his off-screen performances and the attitude he carries. Also, for anchoring, I will say Ayushmann Khurana.

Anchor Vishal Kumawat in Yamaha call of the blue event
Vishal in Yamaha Call of the Blue event

Q. How do you write your scripts?
I’m not a scripted anchor. I get started with what I think on the spot at the time. And if I am given a script then I just consider the points of the script and then I try to play according to these points and improvise. Mostly I don’t prefer scripts. Being real is the thing.

Q. What are some of the biggest events you have hosted till now?
I will classify these events in 4 categories. Crowd, Payment, Setup and Satisfaction. About crowd, Dandiya night at Sinhgad which was of nearly 18000 audience and a police marathon which was of 12000 audience held in Malegaon. Sinhgad always gives me crowd. Recently, I had hosted a ‘big fat Indian wedding’ in Nashik and a birthday party for Bafana Jewelers, Jalgaon. I will include these in Payment. In terms of setup, the Worli Festival was huge setup and had footfall of more than 2 lakh. In terms of satisfaction, Danceathon event at Amanora mall gave me the biggest satisfaction as my rivals praised me for that show and said they wanted to work with me. A man was waiting for my autograph for an hour after that show.

I have also hosted shows for BCCI, Mumbai Cricket Association – MCA, Zee TV, Zee Marathi, Zee 5, MTV, VH1, RedFM, Radio Mirchi, Radio City, TVF, Mercedes Benz, etc.

Vishal Kumawat and mercedes benz
Vishal in an event organised by Mercedes Benz, Pune

Q. If there is a delay in event, how do you manage this?
Anchoring is a game of psychology, as soon as you get booing from audience you have to tackle them. If I get negative response from any corner, I tackle them with some jokes or if required then with savage replies. Sometimes, we need do some activities to overcome it, like cracking jokes or even we get inside the audience. If you have great energy, people will automatically tend to go along with you. In Worli Festival where Aaditya Thackeray along with many singers and celebrities were present, I was asked to handle delay for 5 minutes but ended up handling it for 20 minutes.

Q. Tell us about your biggest professional failure?
One such failure was at starting phase of my career. It was event organized by Radio Mirchi, Pune. I was not prepared completely for it. I could not handle it professionally. As per me, I could not give my best. I had contract for 2 days and I told them I would not come the next day. They insisted me to take payment, but I denied it.

Q. Which is your happiest memory of career and of your life?

I was asked to host a group dance event in Sinhgad, last year, with my co-anchor. For that event we were completely unprepared. And we prepared ourselves in 5 minutes. But when I stepped upon the stage, I had this energy and it went great. It was the happiest event till the date for me.

And I would like to share my childhood memory too. I was in my 4th grade. It was cricket tournament where Selection Committee from Maharashtra Cricket Board was present. And I got runout in last over to give strike to next batsman. It was needed to do so. Everyone was clapping even my coach. When my father came to pick me up after match and to him, people from Selection Committee said “Achha khelta hai, Vishal. Isko aap aage badhaiye. Bahot bada cricketer banega yeh”. And that was the proud moment for me.

Vishal Kumawat in zee marathi
Vishal hosting a show for Zee Marathi during Vaari in Maharashtra

Q. What are your hobbies?
I believe we should change patterns in life. If we change patterns, we get new ideas else it gets monotonous. And if there is monotonicity then creativity is hampered. I have many hobbies. I play flute and harmonium. I like public speaking also I love old music. I am a big fan of Kishor Da. I am a Desi Banda. I like watching movies in theatres. I like painting, sketching and trekking. If everything goes fine this year then I am going to Himalayas. I like travelling and meeting new people.

Anchor Vishal Kumawat

Q. What are your upcoming plans?
To push myself even more to more limits. Because the thing which matters in my profession is I. I plan to make myself better every day, to acquiring new skills and to create some more magic on the stage. And talking about my profession, there are 3 big events which are planned for now.

I want to go on next level. My goal is to be a travel show host. It is my goal since the beginning.

Q. Why do you want to be a travel show host?
I love travelling and I think this is the thing which will keep me alive. In this, somebody else is paying you to travel, to explore, for your food and for everything and you will be doing things what you like. It will give me various experiences in my life, and I don’t have to pay for it.

Vishal Kumawat posing in a black suit

Q. Message you would like to give to your followers?
I am here sitting with you guys, giving an interview and that’s a big thing for me. But it could not have happened if I had not gone for that audition. If you want to do a thing then go for it, do it. If you don’t leave, then there are some chances for you to get thing you want but if you leave then there are no chances. Follow your passion. They say be practical in life and I will requote Sadhguru, “Being practical is being coward. When you ask a child what he wants to be, he will say ‘Astronaut’. When you ask the same child when he is in high school, he will say ‘Scientist’. When he is in college, he will say ‘a good placement with good package’. When he is in company, he will say ‘he wants to marry’. When he is married, he will be satisfied with all what he will have. No new dreams. What will he respond to a 10 years old child version of himself?”.

I did not have support from my parents when I started this career. Even you will not be having support. But follow your passion without letting them know. I follow this line from ‘The Alchemist’, my favorite book, “Start listening to your heart, if you don’t listen to it, it will stop telling you.”. Do what gives you satisfaction. Follow your passion, follow your dreams.

Bheed ka hissa nahi bheed ka kissa bano.

Vishal Kumawat opening arms in joy

This interview was taken by Nachiket Labade and Ishwar Sarade.