October 3, 2022


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Women of SKNCOE

This Women’s Day, sharing with you stories, achievements and messages from some amazing women of SKNCOE.

Collage of women of skncoe

Amruta Pandule with her husband and baby

Amruta Pandule
Computer Engineering
2011 Batch

Story with lots of challenges, Ups and Downs, emotions and celebrations, Smiles and Cries, Debacles and Achievements defines a decade in Amruta’s life.

A compromised family conditions forced her to work parallaly to studying computer engineering in Pune, a dependable daughter also begining to be a guiding sister for a real brother studying with him in same University, they managed their living with distinction in courses, Amruta further completed her ME from the same college.

Getting placed in Capgemini helped her evolve as a professional and further helped her sharpening her technical skills. She focused on social awareness and computer literacy programs for young students from villages starring from college days only which is followed religiously even now.

She’s strong headed, balanced and independent women and can fight any situation coming in front of her easily.
Deciding to take jump in her career just after pregnancy and moving to Belgium for a year to spend time on her professional growth helped her immensely to develop people contacts beyond words.

Her passion towards achieving some great things in fitness industry adds a vital cog in her professional dreams, following her dreams she believes in being healthy and follows her routine gym schedule to maintain health.

A mother to an awesome daughter in Siya, Amruta adds many feathers in her cap at such a young age, Amruta inspires all of us by being a Beauty with Brains, Loving Wife, A Dear Daughter, Dependable Sister, Successful Professional, she dons every role with great passion.

A Big Salute to Her commitment and passion towards her life.

Her message to girls

If there is a will, there is a way for sure. Don’t stop. Learn to develop yourself. Don’t stop if you get less marks or fail at anything. Just don’t stop.

Rajshree Kale

Rajeshree Kale
Information Technology
2018 Batch

Rajeshree Kale is from Pune and is currently studying in Northeastern University, Boston. She started studying for GRE in her 3rd year and will be graduating with Masters degree in Information Systems in April 2020. Along with her academics she had actively participated in sports and played Throwball for Sinhgad’s Team. She has also completed 5 levels in Classical Singing. Currently, she is the president for Husky Systers Code, Northeastern University.

Her message to girls

Only focusing on the academics is not important. You should balance academics with other things that you like. Make time for yourself. If you are not enjoying what you are doing then you are not enjoying your life. Focus on happiness and making yourself into a stronger woman. Fight. Don’t let your decisions be influenced or clouded by your parents or other people. Don’t force yourself to do the things that you don’t like. Life is short. Prioritize things that make you happy.

Mrunal Sajgure

Mrunal Sajgure
Final Year Student
Electronics & Telecommunication

Mrunal is a successful rapper, singer and anchor. She started her career last year and has already hosted more than 100 events as an anchor. She has also acted in a movie ‘Roobaroo’ and it has nearly 100k views on YouTube. She has been a participant in MTV Hustle, a rap battle TV show and has been the only girl contestant in all boys category in Pune Rap Cyphers and has been judge for college events. She was judge in cultural festival of Indira College and has shared the dice with popular rappers MH12, G17, etc. Her stage name is ‘mflame’. She is inspiration for many girls.

Her message to girls

If you have it then there is nothing that you can’t work upon. You do whatever you like. You don’t have to think about society or anybody who says whatever also don’t think if you are going to be judged. It doesn’t matter. If you like it, you do it for yourself. There is nobody but you for yourself. You always be a girl who stand for yourself. If it matters to you, if it is important to you and if it makes you happy then you have to do it for yourself and there nothing such as a girl can do or a boy can do, if you really love it you are gonna make it.

Tejal Ojha

Tejal Ojha
Final Year Student
Information Technology

Firstly, I would like to wish a happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful souls out there. But I do have a question, why is there a need to keep a day to remind people about the importance of women in the society? Why do all the women want others to treat them equal to men? There is no comparison, women don’t need to be compared to men cause they themselves are self sufficient and capable in their own way. I think the biggest problem is that women look down on themselves or are conditioned to think that ways, we give up easily without trying, thinking that such a task is not meant for a women and we become dependent on others for it, but asking for help without trying is asking for a favour. So why give yourself a chance to owe others, When you want something in life, stop cribbing and start working for it. Take small steps, and try to help yourself first, it is then when others will start believing in you.

Khushboo Rana

Khushboo Rana
Information Technology
2019 Batch

Khushboo Rana is a pass out from IT department. She is currently working in Accenture as Associate Software Engineer and doing her modelling as well.

She never stopped chasing her dream to be a model. She took a decision of stepping into the world of modelling and now she is very happy with it. With time she has learnt to maintain balance between her job and her passion. During weekdays she works in the office and on weekends she usually does modelling.

Her message to girls

I would say that every girl should chase her dreams. You have got one life so just give your best shot whenever you get chance to prove yourself.

Vaishali Satish Yenolge
Second Year Student
Information Technology

Vaishali is currently a student of SKNCOE-IT (SE) Department and has completed her polytechnic course from Government Polytechnic, Pune. She ranked first in the IT department for the 3rd semester in her batch. After completing the diploma in 2017 due to some financial crisis, she was unable to continue her engineering course. She had to take 2 years off to overcome this phase. She did the job at Mahindra showroom as a Sales Consultant. It was very challenging for her to continue her education. She was successful because of her persistence. She managed to secure the 1st rank in department.

Her message to girls

Never underestimate yourself, if you are strong enough you will achieve whatever you want! You should believe in yourself ,because you are complete from the day you were born. Be ambitious, set goals, have faith in yourself and one day you will realise you can do anything and everything.

Rashmi Kabra
Information Technology
2019 Batch

How do you define Struggle?
To someone it may be having a meal each day. To some it may be to score enough to pass . For some it would be to get sound sleep each night. This word has different meaning to different people.

When it comes to us, the women, this word has various versions.
Is being a Girl struggle or being ‘treated’ as a Girl?
To me latter one is the root cause of former. Limiting things by gender is something that troubles most of us, I guess.

“You can play kho-kho and kabaddi but football is not your cup of tea,
You may sing and dance but investing in shares would be a puzzle to you.”

If we stop labelling the things and start prioritising it by our capabilities; it would be like a gift from society to us.

‘Be a Change to make a Change’.

I believe it is never impossible till we make it. We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking used when we created them. With time I have learnt that the time you have now is all and over.

There is a hairline difference between Motivation and Inspiration. Inspiration is self-driven force and Motivation is people driven. And until it doesn’t come from within it wouldn’t help you to change or progress. So, I would like you to be self- driven instead of being people – driven.

To fear or to fight
To surrender or challenge as a Knight
Is all your decision
You may or might
Create your own ‘Limelight’

This article was prepared by Gautami Kale, Suchita Sharma, Lubna Sheikh, Nachiket Labade and Ishwar Sarade.