October 3, 2022


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Shifting Reading to Audiobooks

What is an Audiobook?

An audiobook is a recording of a book which allows a person to listen to the recording of the text of the book, rather than read the text of the book. They are also known as “Talking Books”. Audiobooks first came into light around 1932 with the foundation of a recording studio by the American Foundation for the Blind, which created different recordings of books on vinyl records.

How can listening to an Audiobook  benefit you ?

  • Audiobooks are an excellent storytelling device. Imagine yourself sitting in a dark room after a really tiring day, eyes shut, because you’re too exhausted to even look at something . Then, slowly you find yourself in the land of fiction. By intentionally listening to the story, you can create the mental images to creatively explore your imaginary depiction of the scene. This not only relaxes your mood but helps you clear your head.
  • Increases reading speed, expands vocabulary and improves fluency. Audiobooks can also change the way we listen, read and learn, improving the literacy of young readers and those for whom English is a second language. A person does not have to invest energy to decode the word with audiobooks. These books are productive in terms of memorizing the content of the story.
  •  Budget Friendly. As we are already familiar with an audiobook called  ‘Audible’, which is a service from Amazon. Any book you purchase through Audible is yours forever and can still be accessed without further spending. You can buy an audiobook each month on other services such as iTunes however Audible is a much nicer experience and has a great monthly membership package that will save your money.
  • Great  Partner while travelling.  Listening while travelling is like enjoying a refreshing drink in a sunny day. Every experience promotes the other, And when you listen to a good audiobook, in the place that you’re travelling to , the experience becomes more amazing and exciting. Thus turning out to be a complementary treat. The preapartion in itself can be half the fun. Beyond packing and stuff, a great way to set yourself up for a nice trip is to listen to an audiobook that explores your destination.
  • Multitasking . This can come out as a benefit for some individuals, like  when you’re cooking, cleaning or washing dishes and you’re all by yourself, you can just hear it while doing your daily chores. This idea can not only relax your mind but soothe your soul and calm you down. But if you’re medidator or buddisht practitioner or you belong to such an environment then this thing can be kinda tough for you to manage. Conducting too many activities at once may distract you from concentrating or lead your mind to ashtray. Therefore, it totally depends on the individual to perfrom this act or not.

Is listening to a book really the same as reading one ?

There’s a fair amount of research on the subject of comprehension in audiobooks vs reading. Reading a physical book and listening to the audiobook are two different paths that lead to the same destination. Each creates differing experiences and memories, but neither is better or worse than the other. Thus reading and listening can never be compared to one another. Both have completely different meanings and both are absolutely perfect in their own scenarios. Another deliberation is that whether we’re reading or listening to a text , our minds automatically wanders and it passes before we snap out.

How can you create your own audiobook ?

Not having an audiobook version of your book might, quite likely, be the death of your success. Which means you must know how to create an audiobook to fix that.

>> Get ready with the content you want to record.

As you’re starting from the beginning, you may have no idea how to convert your manuscript from writing to audio. Create a script you can read as you record the audio version of your book. You don’t want to get tripped up while you (or someone else) is reading through the manuscript, so you need to remove everything that won’t make sense in the audio version. These can be some important points you should go through to remove in order to create your audio content :

  • Discard the unnecessary hyperlinks
  • Delete non-compulsory captions
  • Delete the visuals
  • Remove any calls to actions

Once you’re done with your new script, go through it one last time to check the errors and make sure everything in the script makes sense in the audio form.

>> Analyse who will record the audio.

The next step in the creation of your audiobook is actually recording the book. But before you can do that, you have to decide who will record the book.

Here are your choices when deciding who will record your audiobook:

  • Hire someone to record it for you
  • Record it yourself in a studio
  • Work with an audiobook producer
  • Do it yourself at home (by keeping in mind that no external sound disturbs your audio).
  • Hire an ACX narrator

Wrapping things up……at last, I would just like to conclude by telling you a famous quote by Robin Sloan,

When you read a book, the story definitely happens inside your head. When you listen, it seems to happen in a little cloud all around it, like a fuzzy knit cap pulled down over your eyes.