October 3, 2022


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STES’s SKNCOE, Pune Grabs AIR-4 in SAE Efficycle 2021

SAE-India recently organised an Efficycle Event at Lovely Professional University, which was held between the months of July’21 – December’21 sponsored by Maruti Suzuki, ICAT, Honda, Altair, Horiba, DesignTech & IOCL. The event was held in three major parts, beginning with Work submission, Static, Dynamic, and Statics Evaluation.

Team Stallion Efficycle & Karting of SKNCOE, participated and completed SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) India’s Season-12 of Efficycle event during the academic year 2021-22′ and secured an All India Rank 4, and 2nd Rank from all over the state of Maharashtra. In total, 80 teams from all over the country participated in this tournament. This definitely includes in the list of one of the proudest moments for the students & teachers of SKNCOE, Pune.

Let’s Get A Brief Idea On What This Club Is About…

Stallion Karting & Efficycle is a non-profit student organization aimed at designing and manufacturing hybrid three-wheeled vehicles, known as the Efficycle. Karting is basically, a form of motorsport that uses an open-wheeled small vehicle called karts. The team includes students from various engineering fields. as it started back in 2017, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, Prof. S.B. Deokar, and has been participating in various National events since. During A.Y. 2018-19 and 2019-20, this event was held in offline mode and later in 2020 and 2021, it was held virtually.

Team Stallion Efficycle 2k21

An Efficycle is a hybrid three-wheel vehicle that uses pedal drive as well as electric drive as its power source. It consists of two driver capacities and 20 kgs cargo, and a payload of 50KGs. SAE India has been organizing such National level events for 10+ years and has been successfully fueling knowledge and enthusiasm into all the participants from all over India. The participating teams are from various renowned universities and campuses like IITs, NITs, etc.

Below is a visual representation of what an Efficycle looks like:

There were in total of 13 students who participated in the event:

  • Rohit Kale (Captain)
  • Muzzamil Sheikh (Vice-Captain)
  • Prajwal Giri
  • Vikrant Kulkarni
  • Sourabh Shirude
  • Sanjana Pawle
  • Mayuri Kamble
  • Shekhar Jadhav
  • Nayan Ahire
  • Prasad Bolekar
  • Parag Kadu
  • Avishkar Panghavne
  • Darshan Jogi
Team Stallion with their Faculty Advisor, Prof. S.B. Deokar

Team Stallion captain Rohit Kale said, “We designed this electric hybrid car, which can be pedaled like a bicycle or can run on batteries. It can be powered by a 600-watt motor and a 48 volt battery. This motor can run at a speed of 45 kms per hour. This train has the capacity to carry 2 passengers and has a utility of 50 kgs. This vehicle can play an important role in reducing flat areas, tourist spots, and pollution. It overall costed us around 65k to build it, as we used various latest technologies and sensors.

We are all satisfied with the success achieved at the National level. It really is a Resounding Success !! We know we deserved it, because our team worked really hard, almost 10-12 hours per day. The team has excelled in many such competitions held before, we won 1st position all over India, in Acceleration and Electric Drive competition, 2nd in Fig-8 India, 3rd place in Gradient Test, 4th in brake test and many more. As per my observation, the most complexed task was recruiting. We were only 5 members to start with and we required such more. Convincing students was not at all easy. In order to manage a flow, arranging google meets and taking follow-ups from students also proved to be difficult as not all students were available all the time. Our mentor, Rutvik Mahajan also has a major role to play here. Despite of spending working days in the office, he managed to guide us. We genuinely are grateful to him for his invaluable time & efforts. I used to sit in Students Activity Centre all day even when Covid was at it’s peak to keep track on the progress. In the year of 2020, we achieved an AIR-21 !! It came as an unexpected surprise to us !! So, this time it was mandatory for us to bring back our momentum. And of course, the lads worked really hard, the pressure was moderate enough. But trust me, nothing really matters now and nothing compares to the feeling achieved over this marvelous achievement“.

Little Interaction With The Participated Team:

“I learned that no matter what the result comes giving our best is the only thing that matters, and the skill of keeping patience is as important as good verbal skill”- Parag Kadu

“Throughout the whole event, I learned one thing, ‘TRY NEW THINGS’ & give your 100% to it, although its going to fail miserably but learn from it & your second time will be a breakthrough.
“Learn from your mistakes“ – Prasad Belokar

“One most important thing I got to learn during the event is, even if certain things do not go according to plan…being ready to accommodate according to situation keeps you moving”. – Darshan Jogi

“These events taught me to create something exceptional if your mindset is clear and you must focus on minor details too. No matter how much the situation turns, patience, dedication, and hard work are the only keys”. – Nayan Ahire

“This is not just an event but it’s a boon for us. As we all have read it several times that “HARD WORK PAYS OFF” , we truly have experienced it every time. But this doesn’t stop us, we still are looking forward for many such triumphs and victories”.- Vikrant V. Kulkarni

“I learned that whatever the situation is, we can’t stop learning new things, grabbing more opportunities and trying in giving our best. Because I believe coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress & working together is a success.” – Sanjana Pawle

“If a team is to reach its potential, each player must be willing to subordinate his/her personal goals to the good of the team” – Saurabh Shirude

“A process is more important than the result. I am truly proud to be a part of such a hardworking and enthusiastic team, where everyone gave their best while living the practical world of engineering and overcoming all obstacles”. – Shekhar Jadhav

If you keep a goal and when you make a plan to achieve it and then you finally achieve it, that’s what called a grand success. We as teamwork accordingly and we have achieved our position for our hard work. Proper coordination is key. Many difficulties came across but we together stood up and overcome all those tough times. I am really happy to be part of such a cooperative team”. – Mayuri Kamble

“What this journey says to me is ” If you have the guts to Stand your Ground there’s absolutely nothing that won’t let you shine”. Prajwal Giri

“Unity is strength, when there is great teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”. – Muzzamil Sheikh

“This event taught me, you may have the knowledge but it will be worthless, if your team have lack of bonding & good communication”. – Avishkar Pangavhane

A blast from the past, Efficycle – 2019

Due to this pandemic situation, this event wasn’t that easy to perform for us. Team recruitment, registration, team collaboration, etc. were challanging phases. It’s really appreciable for the team to sore at such high position despite of all the challanges.”

– Prof T. S Sargar (HOD, Mechanical Department)

The team was attentive throughout the 7 months in preparation phase. I got regular updates and progress reports , the team was so desciplined which played important role in this achievement.”

Prof. S.B. Deokar (Faculty Advisor)

“Facing a national event with a new team, the new captain brought back new challenges and new problems. It was not at all an easy task, those 7 months of relentless hard work with the same energy and enthusiasm have finally paid off! I really want to congratulate Rohit Kale (Captain) & the entire team for this huge achievement, their dedication has taken Team Stallion to new heights. It was not easy to compete against the stronger teams in the business, but still, the team managed to achieve an AIR 4. Cheers to the team !! Wishing them all the very best for their future ahead”.

Rutvik Mahajan (Mentor, Stallion Karting & Efficycle)

The above report is prepared by Nia Gajbhiye (Vice-President) & Om Bhamare (President) of ZeroGravity with the coordination of Tanmay Dhawale (Co-lead) and edited by Aakanksha Jaykar (Editor in Chief) of ZeroGravity of SKNCOE.

The flyer was designed by Navin Bhagat, Design Team Head of ZeroGravity of SKNCOE.