October 3, 2022


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Typography: The Fuel to Great Designs.

Typography is the art that involves arranging a typeface in various combinations of font, size, and spacing to create the copy more legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader.

Typography is always more than typing in a pretty font and calling it a day. It’s a strategic arrangement that takes into account the following elements:

  • Typefaces
  • Fonts
  • Hierarchy
  • Consistency
  • Alignment
  • Whitespace
  • Color

A designer unites all of the above elements to create stunning designs for a variety of mediums and purposes.

In today’s competitive world, brands have to create their identities to survive the rat race. They have to grab their target audiences’ attention to convey their brand message. For that designers from all over the world are using typography as a key factor to meet the brand requirements and to create visual interest among the audience.

Why Typography has been so vital in Graphic Design. ?

1.Grabs Viewers’ Attention.

The attention span of people is decreasing day by day and in fact, now it has come to few seconds, and that few seconds brand need to grab the customers attention as well as convey their brand message. Graphic designers, therefore, use the Power of Typography to grab the attention immediately.

 as typefaces come in a wide range with various styles, shapes, and sizes, these elements play a crucial role to create the designs unique and interesting.

2. Makes text Reader-Friendly

Careful use of typefaces and fonts ensures that the text on the design is clearly readable and legible. A wrong choice of fonts will make the design hard and confusing for the viewers to understand and communicate properly.

For instance, small and craped fonts create tension in the eyes. So, even when the design project is fun and complex, the audience should be able to read the text and direct their vision easily.

3.Establishment of Hierarchy

With the use of different font types and sizes, an experienced and skillful graphic designer draws the viewers’ attention to the most important first. Good designs are those, in which the direction of the viewer is done according to the hierarchy. To achieve this, the designer uses a variety of font sizes for heading, subheadings, and the text body.

4.Creates Harmony

Graphic designers use typography also to ascertain harmony in a design or a web page. A harmonic design has an artistic effect on viewers. The designers use the same font for similar content so that people can recognize it immediately. This also helps in providing continuity to the design. So, when a graphic designer aligns fonts with the correct proportion, it gives a clean and uncluttered look to a presentation.

5.Gives Personality and Feel to design

One of the characteristics of typography design is that it gives personality to a design. Your design or web pages look friendly or high-end, playful, serious, welcoming, etc. because of using the typefaces strategically. 

As every typeface and fonts have different meanings and characters based on the structure and their composition. So every designer must choose the fonts according to the client’s brief about the designs. It’s equally important to consider how the font harmonizes with the tone of the message. For example, if you want to convey serious or important information, choose a less stylized or decorative font that is both clearly legible and will limit distraction.

At last, Every element in the design has its own power, so use that power till the last and make your designs remarkable.

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