October 3, 2022


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Why Did I Fall In Love With Intellij Idea?

IDE is the set of tools and weapons for any developer. One thing any developer would want in her/his IDE is many features bundled into one.

A Generic Meme


Think of a set of weapons that includes a sniper, a shotgun, handgun, several bombs and grenades along with lots of ammunition with different types of knives, all acting together as it should be without much manual interference, Intellij Idea which has inbuilt version control, build tools, test runner, decompiler, multiple terminals, database tools, application servers, Docker, deep insight into code language injection and cross language refactoring, duplicate detection and quick fixes, it operates like the heavily loaded weapon.

Deep insight into your code

IntelliJ IDEA analyzes your code, looking for connections between symbols across all project files and languages. Using this information it provides indepth coding assistance, quick navigation, clever error analysis, and, of course, refactorings.

Shortcuts for everything

In IntelliJ IDEA you have dedicated keyboard shortcuts for nearly everything, including rapid selection and switching between tool windows and the editor.

Accessing a tool window via its shortcut moves the input focus to it, so you can use all keyboard commands in its context. When you need to go back to the editor, just press ESC

Debugger At Its Best

A process under debugged in Intellj Idea

Intellij must be having the best debugger in the world. When you are debugging using it, you will have the feeling of Tony Stark working on his Iron Man Suit or a black hat hacker cracking down the code. With step by step execution and enhanced debugger console and exception catching, it is the best thing you might come across.


GIT showing all commits and changes with name of author / developer.

Version Control Management. In other IDEs you might require to install plugins, but as stated earlier Intellij comes with all plugins bundled into one. No other IDE with any number of plugins can be as impressive as IDE in terms of implementation of GIT. You can view branches, commits, authors and what not at a glance. Handling merge conflicts is much easier with real time code view.

Code Refactor

Imagine a variable or function that exported and used in hundreds of file with different import names and you or your boss decides to change that name. You will not be able to use find and replace all feature since name is different everywhere. Would you will sit for hours and change them one by one / file by file?

In Intellij, when you go for renaming a variable it will first scan all files and would ask you if you want to make changes to imports or other files too. It will be done in a second.


JET BRAINS Marketplace

You can find all kinds of plugins in Intellij Marketplace. Unlike VSCode marketplace, it has a less number of plugins but productivity of these plugins are far better than other IDEs.

How To Get Intellij Idea?

Intellij is used by 72% of Java Developers over the world. And it is not free. It’s $149 per year per license. But you can get it free for student email address e.g. sinhgad.edu OR you can get it free for an year with Github Students Account.

Also, you can try out it’s beta version in Early Access Program for free — https://www.jetbrains.com/resources/eap/

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